P_A_R_A_R Immersive Performance Art

with Karina Suarez Bosche & Cheng-Ting Chen


Immersive means inclusive, that which envelops, that which receive. This word best describes the aim of our artistic work to create a deep contact between people, and between us as creators and the totality of what we are as society.  With the belief that dance belongs to all and not only to an elite or specialized circle, we, “the artists” are responsible for generating consciousness through the social reality that we are part of.


with Priscila Patta & Marsal Rodrigues

tour 2015  tour 2017

#Tapiocatouch is an artistic project, initiated by Andrea Krohn, Priscila Patta and Marsal Rodrigues in 2010. Territory, identity, encounters and belonging are some of the questionings of our collective research.



Our stage is a playground where society’s rules vanish. In their stead truth remains as a question and the edges of reality become elastic. Here paintings can leave their frames, bodies can dive into books, humans can grow from trees, you can die and come to life five times in one hour, because here, nothing is impossible.