On teaching dance I aim to create an environment where the curiosity feels welkome to move, where the senses and the feelings can support the movement and the being, and where one can connect with his/her cultural roots, with his/her beliefs.

My dance technique approach is a mix between somatic techniques  (Body Mind Centering method is my big influence)  years of Ballet and Modern dance training, and Brazilian Culture.

I attempt to give a solid body knowledge for whom is practicing with me, as well as challenge the individuals towards self expression in dance through improvisation games and tasks.

​Support, question and encourage. Those are some of the guidelines of my teaching.

VIDEO LINK OF SOME CLASSES! (please write me for password)

Currently teaching:

  • Dance and Choreography for Kleiner Theaterwerkstaat e.V – Bargteheide
  • Ballet and Dance Kids – Turnerbund Eilbeck e.V – Hamburg
  • University Courses (Federal de Uberlandia/Brazil and Universidade Tecnológica de Pereira/Colombia)

_DSC0154_DSC0162_DSC0159Picture by Élder Ildefonso in the Dance State University of Uberlandia (Minas Gerais/Brazil)


Currently Teaching:

  • Mexiko – different locations
  • Potsdamer Tanztage
  • Berlin/Germany

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