"What is to be done? (...) Things ask to be done. And in this sense it would maybe be good to ask us what needs to be done, what needs to be performed. This is the role of the artist". Juurak
  • 2020

FALTEN – Choreography and Performance. Premiere Fundus Theater Hamburg

  • 2019

CORRENTEZA Choreography: Andrea Krohn – Premiere Cabuwasi Berlin

DIE KOMMENDE TRÄUME von Barbara Schmidt – Rohr – Premiere Kampnagel Hamburg

DANCE FOREVER von Fernanda Ortiz – Premiere Lichthof Theater Hamburg

  • 2018 

DOING FAMILY von Barbara Schmidt-Rohr – Premiere Kampnagel Hamburg

  • 2017

(AUSENCIA) DIE ABWESENDEN – Choreography and Performance – Premiere Kampnagel Hamburg/DE

  • 2016

LOOK CLOSER UNTIL YOU TOUCH IT – Solo Lecture and Choreography – Premiere Mousonturm Frankfurt – Kampnagel Hamburg/DE

EYES WIDE OPEN von Barbara Schmidt-Rohr – Premiere Kampnagel Hamburg

  • 2015

#TAPIOCATOUCH – Choreography and Performance in collaboration with Priscila Patta and Marsal Rodrigues – Premiere Usina do Gasômetro, Porto Alegre/BR

  • 2014

HERSTORY / BANANA FIGHTING – Solo Performance, Premiere Eschschloraque – Berlin/DE

  • 2013

WVWVWVWVWVWE Choreography – Premiere TheaterHausMitte, Berlin/DE

OCHSENTANZ Solo Performance, Premiere Ada Studio – Berlin/DE

  • 2012

HEAVY COMPOSITION IN WHITE – THE GAME Performance in collaboration with 77 Stolen Fish – Premiere Mica Moca Berlin/DE

  • 2011

AUGURY Solo Performance. Premiere Mica Moca – Berlin /DE

LICHT AND FRAME Performance in collaboration with 77 Stolen Fish – Premiere L´Atelier Berlin/DE